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Image by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona
Image by Derick McKinney

Into the Light International, Inc. plan to identify issues that are important to the welfare of the African American community as well as the community at large.  We plan to provide essential and quality goods and products that are donated to us by businesses that do their business in our community. All donations received by ITLII will be distributed to the neediest people in our community in promoted and advertised “Essential Needs Giveaway”.

  • Into the Light International, Inc.  ‘Sharing the Love’ a Thanksgiving Event.  This event is scheduled for November 2023.  ITLII will be distributing Thanksgiving boxes that contains food for a complete Thanksgiving meal for a family of 4.

Into The Light International, Inc. (ITLII) is a fledgling organization that is in need of funds to accomplish many of the goals we have set for our organization.  Most of the organizations that are currently in our community and are attempting to address the many issues that plague our community, have a lack of adequate funding that would allow them to complete the majority of their projects.  It is with this in mind that Into The Light International, Inc. (ITLII) has created the "National Steppers Ball Weekend" to raise funds for our community initiatives.  Into The Light International, Inc. (ITLII) will utilize the African American Dance community from all across the nation to fund raise in order to help Into The Light International, Inc. (ITLII) start the campaign and help us repair our house from within.


Into The Light International, Inc. (ITLII) will arrange, promote and advertise the "National Steppers Ball Weekend" that will become an bi-annual event. All proceeds from this fundraiser after expenses will be made available to aid in achieving the goals of Into The Light International, Inc. (ITLII) and other community organizations as much as possible.


Into The Light International, Inc. (ITLII) is seeking sponsors for our main fundraiser the “National Steppers Ball Weekend” which will be held at the Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel.  Approximately 1100 people or more will attend this event, giving your company an opportunity to showcase your benefits and products while enjoying a festive weekend of mingling and dancing.  There are sponsorship opportunities for three of our events for the weekend.  Events such as "The National Whiteout Gala", "The Saturday Day Party" and "The Saturday Night Formal National Steppers Ball ( with a touch of your city's colors)". 

Into The Light International, Inc. (ITLII) plans on utilizing all available funds to target these issues as well as other issues that are of  concern in our community.

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